Monday, February 2, 2015

Thermal Pack

Decided a Thermal Pack would be our Xmas gift this year.  There is a great thread on WTW "Building an Arctic - Cold Weather Pack". Thought about building one, but would need a new sewing machine. Also not sure I have the proper skills required, one O'shat and any money saved would be gone. So called FWC and ordered a thermal pack for our Hawk. 

The Material is very thin when it arrives. Comes in a nice and heavy bag with velcro closer.  Not use if we will ever use the bag again as we plan on leaving the thermal pack up. Also included a large roll of peel and stick velcro. 

First item was  to clean area where the area when the velcro would be stuck with alcohol.

Next I marked every screw to be removed. Thanks to Harv on WTW for the suggestion.

Pulled backing off the velcro and placed the velcro just below the trim. 

Used a roller to make sure the velcro was pressed down. The adhesive is strong on the backing.

Used a awe to find the holes and reinstall the screws. 

Screws went right in, easy pleasie. Love my drill driver.

Took the velcro around to the lift panel and added screws to hold in place. 

Added a screw to each side of the strut mounts. Also added screws to the sides of the front lift panels.

Extra screws where the wires go up to the roof.

Installing the thermal pack to the velcro was the quick and easy park.

Left and below are all 4 corners, with the extra tucked behind the lift panels. 

Left over velcro. May add to top corners for a little extra hold. 

Total time to install was just about an hour. I think we will enjoy this addition to our camper.