Sunday, October 20, 2019

Grandparents Motorcycle Tour of 2019 Part Five.

July 31 Wednesday 

Down day at Seefeld Austria another rainy down day.

We all decided to take the train to Mittenwald Germany. Derek decided to hang out at the hotel and rest.
Had a great lunch at a sandwich shop that was roasting pork chicken and ribs. We had the ham steak on a bun it was delicious.

The rain gave us a break letting us put up the umbrellas and look somewhat normal.

Veronica is an expert shopper. She found a German Dirndl that was just right for our granddaughter.

The rain returned and we found a fine coffee shop that also had food and ice cream. This was the best cappuccino I had on the trip, must have been a 12oz mug.  The ice cream was excellent.

John and Julie liked the look of the ice cream and ordered some. However, something was lost in the translation and they got hot chocolate.

Sitting under the cafe umbrellas enjoying our break. We were waited on by a young lady who reminded us of the Soup Nazi on Steinfeldt she told us to "SIT DOWN AND WAIT". We all got a laugh from her service, she must have been having a bad day.

Henry and Becky had Coffee, Diet Coke and a pastry that was so good it was gone before I could get a picture.

Our rooms, the food, and service were all excellent at Krumers Post in Seefeld Austria. 

We gathered before leaving Krumers Post for a group photo. Next, stop Hinterzarten Germany.  

Thursday, August 1

We left Seefeld and headed for Hinterzarden Germany.

The Olympic ski jumps as we leave Seafield.

Inside one of the many tunnels we passed through.

Well deserved butt break.

After many days on the road, we are all getting a little tired. The weather this day is almost perfect.

Big puffy clouds and sunshine.

Just follow the signs and you can't get lost.

Veronica and I enjoying the Ducati Multistrada.

Approaching another tunnel.    

We enter Hinterzarden Germany, every window has a flower box. 

Our hotel for the night.

This was an older hotel but very nice. The rooms were smaller but clean.  The restaurant at the hotel had very slow service.  and "rump steak" not to be confused with ribeye or NY strip.

There was a rail stop just behind the hotel.

It was nice to have a covered garage to put the bikes in for the evening. Locked up and dry.

Derek deciding on his beer for the evening.  

Catching up with email while we are waiting.

Decisions for dinner made. Now the wait begins. We were told to be at dinner by 5:30 PM to avoid a long wait. We were still at the restaurant at 9:00 PM. Glad we did not show up later. Only one person spoke English but he was very helpful.

The famous Rump Steak at least it was not overcooked.  

I stayed safe and went with the spaetzle it was very good. The breakfast the next morning was just OK but not fantastic. We had been spoiled by the spread at Krumer Post. 

More in part 6, we are off to France and better food. 

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Thursday, August 29, 2019

Grandparents Motorcycle Tour of 2019 Part Two

Saturday, July 27.

Left hotel in a light rain headed for Interlaken at least it was not hot.    

Veronica getting ready, note the umbrella on the bike. 

Me zipping up my AeroStich jacket. Great riding gear. 

Henry, John, and Julie getting ready for the rain.

Becky getting everything watertight. 

This was a long day of riding.  Derek made a wrong turn and he and John had to travel 10 miles to get back on track. We waited for them and used our cell phones and the Cardo headsets to get back together. We would be riding in and out of the rain this day. 

GPS is not always your friend. We thought we should have turned toward Switzerland by now. Getting near the time for lunch so used the GPS to find a restaurant. GPS took us to this parking lot.  

Just no open restaurant here. We looked at the GPS map and decided to drive on and look for any place to eat. We found a McDonalds making Julie happy.  Seems like McD's are everywhere, they do have a little different menu in France. 

Everyone ready for some lunch. Enjoying the lack of rain for a little while. 

Julie really did have a good time at McDonald's. 

We were less than 15 miles from Switzerland and decided to take the road up the "Gorges du Pichoux". As we rode up the Gorge the sky opened up and we had some of the hardest rain of our trip. We did not get any pictures but I did find a video on youtube. Just imagine about an inch of water per hour is falling. We had waterfalls everywhere.  As we reached the top of the Gorge the rain stopped. 

Video from Youtube.

Image from the web. 

Just as we were about to enter a tunnel the Swiss police walked out into the street. Dereck got a video of the police. Click here for link. We slowed and were waved through, John and Julie were waved to the side of the road. John got a ticket for a rolling stop, cash payment and he was on his way. We waited on the other side of the tunnel for John and Julie to finish their visit with the Polizei. We had several rest stops along the way. Just after we passed Bern the sky opened up as we approached Interlaken.  We arrived at Hotel De La Paix right at about 5 o’clock.

Had dinner in a nice restaurant that was recommended by our hotel. See pictures for meals.

Long day and we were ready for a good nights rest. 

Sunday, July 28. 

This was a down day as we will be spending two nights at Interlaken. The weatherman says rain today and he is correct. We had a leisurely breakfast at the hotel going over plans for the day.   

Our daughter Jenny and her husband Ryan Peterson came from Basel Switzerland to visit for the day. Their daughter Remie greeted everyone to lunch at our room. 

Derick is a natural grandfather. Remie enjoyed her visit with him.
We went to dinner at another restaurant recommended by the Hotel.

We all listened to Remie tell us the specials for dinner.

Henry with his Swiss Rossie and Sausage.

Ryans lamb shank.

Remie enjoyed dinner and her trip to Interlaken.
Tomorrow the weatherman says no rain. We are hoping he is right as we are riding Alpine passes tomorrow.  Gremselpass, Frukapass, Oberalppass, and Julierpass. Some of Switzerland's finest on our way to St Moritz. All of this and more in Part Three.

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