Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Minnesota and Glacier National Park. Part Two, Bemidji.

Reminder, click on any picture to see a larger view.  

As we left Minneapolis Mark hit a pothole and motorhome started to make a big noise. Stopped at Camping World. I looked the motorhome over, the noise seems to be coming from the driveline e-brake.  Camping World called around and no one could check it today. Decided to drive on and called ahead to Bemidji got an appointment at the Ford dealer on Thursday. 

Day 9 to 14. Bemidji.  
This is what the long drive was for, hanging out with family at Ryan's families cabin.
This post will be picture heavy. Jenny and Ryan will be in Switzerland for the next two years so lots memories to share. 

Tuesday. 7-19-16

Big thunderstorm, had a tornado warning. We all slept in the cabin, after everyone's phone went off with this warning.
Veronica and the girls were a little freaked  out.  This is not something we see in California. We did have a lot of thunder and lighting with heavy rain. 

Wednesday. 7-20-16
Clear day. Ryan found a few trees down on the road to Little Sandy. Matt Hanson and Ryan did not see it as a problem and got to work clearing the trail. I supervised. 

Good to be young.

The wind did do a little damage. 

These two can always get a job clearing trees. 

Video proof they can get it done.

After the clean up Payton went fishing and caught fish.

Mark Godi "Dad" caught fish.

Sitting on a dock Big Sandy Lake.

Payton caught more fish than anyone. 

Mark learned to clean fish. 

Ryan and Jenny caught a pike, this one was a throw back.

Payton also enjoyed eating the fish she caught.

Payton loved fishing with Uncle Ryan.

Presley love watching with Aunt Jenny.

Grandpa snagged a fish.

We had a great day.  And it was Laura's birthday, so cake for desert.

Severe thunderstorm warning tonight but no tornadoes. Slept in the camper, hard rain started at 11:30pm and lasted for 30 minutes. 

Thursday, 7-21-16.

Clear warm morning. Went into town to get Mark's motor home checked. Looked like the storm hit Bemidji hard.

This homeowner is not having a good day.

Must have been over 50 large trees blown over in the cemetery.

We did have to move a couple of small trees to get into town,

Trees down all over and traffic lights out. Got to the Ford dealer and they were closed. No power and windows blown out. Weather forecast call for no storms tonight. 

Time to be a tourist and see Bemidji.

You are only as young as you act. We have a long way to go before we get old.

Paul Bunyan came from Bemidji, he is a big man in town.

Everyone wants their picture with Paul.

Friday. 7-22-16
Weather forecast holds true no rain last night. Ryan made waffles and Veronica made eggs for breakfast. 

Went four wheeling down to little Sandy Lake.

Payton needed to go fishing.  She caught some blue gill, a rock bass and I got a big weed.

Pulled pork for diner tonight. Ryan has been smoking the pork all day.
First he had to split the wood for the smoker. 

Ryan tending the smoker, as the girls practice casting. 

Had our first iron pies cooked at the campfire for desert.

Payton loved her iron pie.

Presley showing off her perfect iron pie. Made by Uncle Ryan.

Ryan working on Presley's iron pie. A true expert of the iron pie.

Veronica getting ready to enjoy her iron pie. 

They were great, need to buy a couple of pie irons for the camper. 

Saturday, 7-23-16
Another night without thunder storms, but warm and humid all night. Veronica and I were the first ones up at 6:30. After everyone was up Uncle Ryan took all the girls fishing, Payton, Presley, Laura and Jenny.  
They took the four wheelers to the lake so two birds with one trip for P&P.  

Payton got a pike. 

After fishing everyone went to Big Sandy Lake for boating and pictures. Laura said the light was just right. Thunder storms due this afternoon so getting everything squeezed in this morning.  

The girls skipping in the grass.

The Godi's

The Peterson's

Ryan's dad enjoying the day. 

Jenny and Ryan.

All my girls. I am a lucky man.

Big Sandy Lake still supplying fish. 

The dog had the most fun.

Laura, Veronica and Jenny.

The dog is still having the most fun.

Payton still catching fish. 

Ryan's life long friend Matt Hanson showing Payton how to catch the big one. 
Payton on the boat.

The boat comes out. 

What a great time we had at Big Sandy Lake. 

Ryan took Mark shooting. This was a first for him. He is now a true gun toting republican. 
Ryan showing how it's done. 

The way Ryan cooks we have 3 days of leftovers from every meal. Smoked pulled pork with homemade noodles, does not get much better.

Uncle Ryan makes great noodles.

Payton rolling the noodles.

Things are getting just a little crazy with our noodle maker.

Looks like making noodles has turned into a game. 

Sunday, 7-24-16

Headed out to find fish.
P & P up at 6:00 AM to go fishing one more time with Uncle Ryan. Mark and Jenny also went. A full boat and every one caught fish. Catch and release on our last morning. After fishing Veronica and I went four wheeling with Ryan and Jenny. 

More four wheeling.

We said our goodbyes until next year and headed for Fargo. 

Our family together for a goodbye to the cabin picture. 

Next we head west towards Fargo, still need to fix the noise in Mark's motorhome. 

Part Three still to come.


Random Pictures from the cabin. Just cause I have so many. ;-)
 Yes dad I can do it.

 Ryan doing a Pano. 
 Jenny watching the girls fish.
I can cast longer than you, everyone gets out of the way.
Playing with their new friend Matt's daughter Kiera.
 Fun at the beach.
 Can we have the keys?
Matt showing the girls how to clean a fish. 
 Matt Hanson, a really nice guy.
Making noodles, Presley sees a mess coming. 
 Jenny ready to ride.
 Mark and Laura, four wheeling.
Payton in the boat on Big Sandy Lake.
Veronica enjoying the ride on Big Sandy Lake.
 Presley driving.
Presley getting wood for the smoker.
Laura and Presley on Little Sandy Lake.
This pike wants back in the water.

 Jenny and Presley on Little Sandy Lake.

 Ryan and Payton on Little Sandy Lake.

 Ryan and Jenny enjoying Little Sandy lake. 

 Ready for more four wheeling. 
 Laura and Mark.
 Mark taking a ride. 
Uncle Ryan giving Payton a ride.
Big Sandy Lake.

 Ryan and Jenny with Paul and Babe.
Playing cards with Aunt Jenny and Uncle Ryan.
Hanging out at the cabin.

Road in front of the cabin.

Karin with her dog Lucy, still having the most fun.
Finding the right sunglasses.
Jenny at Big Sandy Lake.

Jenny, Veronica and Me at Big Sandy Lake.

Minnesota after shave. 

Karin and her dog ready to go four wheeling.  
Jenny, Mark and Ryan on Big Sandy Lake.
Me and Veronica at Big Sandy Lake.

 Hanging at the cabin.
Learning a new game with Aunt Jenny.
 Lunch in Bemidji.
 Everyone with Paul and Babe.
 More four wheeling.
 Everyone loves a good dog. 
 Me and Jenny by my camper.
The Godi's with Paul and Babe.